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Which vehicles to use 

Self-driving vehicles are divided into several categories. On the one hand there are the traditional cars on which software and sensors are installed, often by the car manufacturers themselves. Then there are companies that have developed vehicles with an exclusive design and specifically aimed at providing transport services for people and goods. These vehicles in most cases do not belong to existing categories of homologation and in order to circulate they require specific authorizations, provided by the Institutional Authorities (Civil Motorization, Ministry of Transport, Local Administrations), after a specific path of product and operations evaluation, aimed at to guarantee the safety of the service.

Examples of vehicles manufactured and deployed internationally in public or private environments..

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Vehicles are designed for different purposes and low distance travels (few Km per trip) 


 Vehicles are 100% electric and can be charged with commercial ready infrastructure chargers.


Autonomous vehicles feature latest technology for connectivity and sensors ( Lidar/radar and cameras)