Passengers mobility

For mobility operators (shared, connected), public transport services, corporate transport  
Even if "robotaxi" vision is far ahead, there are opportunities to introduce autonomous vehicles to transport people in geofenced areas 
  • Industrial sites
  • Ports, Airports, mobility Hub
  • Parking shuttles
  • Universities and research campuses
  • Hospitals
  • Fairs, enterntainment parks
  • Commercial centers 
  • Low transport demand areas 
Every segment of transport has an available technology solution. 

Mobility of goods

For logistic operatores, retails and commercial centers.
Whether you need to deliver foods, shopping and medicines or you need to cover the last mile in a suburb there are solutions to support. Even if with specific restrictions related to urban environment, some kind of vehicles can run in the streets or sidewalks, reaching the entrance at the customer's address.

Custom projects

For public administrations. public services and transport operators
Autonomous vehicles can be used in public environments like:
  • streets cleaning and sanitizing 
  • air quality and environmental monitoring
  • sourveillance and security
  • access to resctricted areas
vehicles require teleoperations to handle these usecases,